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Sébastien Bourbeau Young Author Experimental Fiction Komodo Dragon
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Welcome to my website. I introduce you to the most enigmatic beast ever: The Komodo Dragon. Of course, the Komodo is not a dragon; in fact, it is a lizard, a very large and impressive lizard, mind you. I have often wondered why this lizard was called a dragon and decided to educate myself. I found a wealth of information regarding this creature. It seems the Komodo has a burning bite; in fact, people who have been bitten by this giant have complained of excruciating burning pain. Could this be why this lizard was labeled 'dragon', even though he does not spit fire or fly? You be the judge!

The True Story of the Komodo Dragon Experimental Fiction
Komodo Dragon Future Time Squeak

They swayed, shifted, rolled and soared in a beautiful painted sky, until complete darkness!

Their marvelous ballet turned into a soothing glide above the water as they headed towards the mainland.

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Komodo Dragon | Fact & Fiction |  English Language Art Program |  Grades 4-6

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komodo dragon - fact fiction - by young author Sébastien Bourbeau | Lethbridge | Alberta | Canada

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