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Komodo Dragon Squeak in Foreword and Booklife Reviews

The True Story

of the Komodo Dragon


Sébastien Bourbeau


Reviews from Children

Teachers Komodo Dragon novel study for students ages 8 to 13

This book is the funniest . . .  funnest story I ever read.  It made me laugh out loud all the time. My teacher said I could use experimental language a little bit in my review, like the word « funnest ». I can’t wait to read more books from Sébastien Bourbeau. I hope he writes more about Squeak. — Alan, grade five


I looooooved Sébastien’s book! Sometimes, I laughed so hard, my tummy hurt. If I ever become an author, I want to be as funny as Sébastien. — Sylvia, grade six


I hope this author visits our school this year! I would love to meet him and ask him a lot of questions like: “where do you get your ideas? and “how do you develop your great sense of humour?” I wish I could write like you! — Monica, grade six

I wanted to thank the author of the True Story of the KoMoDo DRagoN in my own way so . . . phanks a bonch Sébastien Bourbeau for peaching me how to rite your weigh (I mean, thanks a bunch 4 teaching me how to write your way).  It’s a lot of fun! — Michael, grade four

I hope our school will not be locked down this year because I really, really, REALLY want Sébastien to come to our school to sign my book. I bet he is absolutely hilarious in real life! — Nicole, grade five

I visited the author’s website and I clicked on the links he shared. I have to say that now, I know a lot more about the Komodo dragon and Komodo Islands. I want to continue learning about this lizard. It’s kinda cool! — Peter, grade seven

Hey Sébastien, our teacher showed us how to use the number pad on the keyboard to use the ‘accent aigu’ (é) in your name. It is quite stylish! It was part of your grandma’s homework for us. Would you believe that our teacher made us do ALL your grandmother’s homework and assignments? BLASPHEMY! — Just kidding! I must admit that your book generated exciting class discussions. Thank your grandma for us. — Vince, grade six

Our teacher called the author “very witty.” All I know is that Sébastien Bourbeau made me laugh . . . laff a lot. I like the parts where he talks about freedom and responsibility. We had a class discussion about it. I really like class discostions. I hope the author comes to our school this year to teach us how to use fake words. LOL! — Don, grade four

My mom and I read the True Story of the Komodo Dragon together. We laughed often but we also got sentimental at the end. We wanted the story to go on. We both felt happy and sad at the same time. Everyone should read this book. It has very good life lessons in it, as well as good humour. — Amanda (me); Pauline (my mom)

Reviews from Teachers

The experimental novel The True Story of the Komodo Dragon is a fabulous story to use for the English Language Art Program. The complimentary teacher resource was impeccably crafted for grade four-six, and even for teenagers in higher grades. This experimental fiction novel is educational and highly entertaining for both, adults and children. I recommend it to readers of all ages.

— Theresa, Elementary School Teacher


Sébastien Bourbeau wrote his experimental novel at age 13/14. It was fascinating to me to realize that such a young writer could reach this level of wit, imagination and talent. The story is filled with dialogues and for a drama teacher like me, I see this book as a play in theaters everywhere. Sébastien Bourbeau should be selected in a young Playwright Publication. Great Work!

— John, Drama Teacher


Komodo Dragon Squeak on Freedom and Responsibility

There is something magical about Sébastien Bourbeau’s experimental fiction novel. The valuable lessons about how to live life with intention are crucial moments to explore in the classroom. Having class discussions with students is a wonderful way to examine life and delve into it, which the author accomplishes skillfully with humour, swiftness and cleverness. I recommend this innovative book to parents as well. Read it together with your children and discuss it. — Francis, High-School Teacher


There is a lot to be said about reading a well-written book filled with vivid images, colourful characters, and truths to contemplate. Anyone who can create such players must be a remarkable person. Sébastien Bourbeau has achieved an exceptional masterpiece of creative writing at a very young age. It has pushed readers of all ages to look at numerous sides of writing stories.— Denise, Middle School Teacher


The innovative manner in which Sébastien Bourbeau relates to his readers and characters is very original and unique. No doubt he will inspire readers and young writers everywhere. — Marc, Middle School Teacher


Thank you for sharing with us the gift you have worked so hard to develop and refine. As a teacher, I was honored to hear your bright and  upbeat clever voice. It is a rare gift indeed to find in young writers like you. — Bobbie, Elementary Teacher


My grade five class was totally taken by Sébastien Bourbeau’s innovative book The True Story of the Komodo Dragon, and so was I. Many students hope to become such writers based solely on their hard work and efforts. Congratulations to this young author for a job well done! — Kelly, Grade Five Teacher

I will be very surprised if this book does not make the Best Seller list. Congratulations for an original piece of creative writing. Make sure to thank your grandmother for the very useful teacher’s resource and classroom projects. She did all the hard work for us! — Albert, Grade Six Teacher

Reviews from Parents

Sébastien Bourbeau’s story offered an opportunity for children to learn life lessons in a fun and original way. It inspired my child to practice creative writing and have fun with words. Great work!

— Diana’s Mom

Aside from being hilarious and clever, The True Story of the Komodo Dragon by Sébastien Bourbeau is a well-written and ground-breaking book that educates children about life. Sébastien’s story teaches values such as how to be a friend and how friendship can last a life-time. We totally enjoyed reading it out loud to our children and recommend it to all parents. We couldn’t put it down.

— Peter and Molly, Home School Parents

Squeak the Komodo Dragon in Experimental Fiction novel on Wix by Sébastien Bourbeau Young Author

Any child who has ever wondered about life will discover the MAGIC of it in Sébastien Bourbeau’s fiction novel The True Story of the Komodo Dragon. It is an actual ‘coup’ of pure imagination filled with witty conversations and comments, hilarious events and experiences, all wrapped in a very well-balanced manuscript. It allows children to practice and expand their reading and writing abilities, while killing themselves laughing all the way through it. This young author surely knows how to bring a story to life! — George & Emily, Parents of Sophie, Sandrine and Daniel


Sébastien Bourbeau’s book helps children cope with adversity and find the courage necessary to face life changes. It also teaches that mistakes are okay and part of learning and growing up. It is important to read the book together with our children because it is a wonderful opportunity to have very interesting conversations with them. The story teaches how important it is to get past being sad or afraid so we can learn new things and new ways to deal with crisis. We give the book five stars since we think it's important for all children to learn about these things.

— Pauline and Robert, Stephany’s Parents


It is the stories we read when we are young that really stick with us throughout our life. Wonderful tales like The True Story of the Komodo Dragon remind us that life is truly magical when we allow it to be. My son came home from school one day and announced that he was going to read me a story at bed time, every night, until we were done. We laughed a lot, reflected on statements, discussed many subjects in the story but most of all, we connected at a level we had not experienced before when reading together. I seriously recommend this book to all parents. — Julian, Benjamin’s Dad


Finding ways to pique interest, explore ideas, and create examples to teach the lessons our kids must learn in life can be very daunting for any parents. The young author Sébastien Bourbeau accomplishes it effortlessly. Full of fascinating activities and interesting projects, The True Story of the Komodo Dragon is a fully enjoyable book, not only because of its original format and fun projects, but also because of its important messages. Sébastien writes in a way that helps children grasp these ideas and reflect on them. This offers an opportunity for parents to initiate important conversations with their children about life, friendship, freedom of choice, and the responsibility that comes with it all. The story further teaches about forming a bond with the people we meet throughout our life, and it illustrates the true meaning of family and friends in a very important lesson: empathy, forgiveness and love can transcend everything! This book does all that, and more!

— Marleen, Joshua’s mom

More Reviews from Students, Teachers and Parents for Author Sébastien Bourbeau

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The True Story of the Komodo Dragon | Sébastien Bourbeau | Experimental Fiction

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