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The True Story of the Komodo Dragon
Sébastien Bourbeau



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The Cast

The True Story of the Komodo Dragon by Sébastien Bourbeau
Orion the Eagle

Chapter 1

Meet Squeak

the Komodo Dragon

Squeak is the main character in this tale. Like all reptiles, he comes from an egg and as soon as he is born, he embarks on a self-discovery journey which will be filled with exciting adventures. He will meet several charismatic individuals, as well as intriguing magical creatures.

Squeak Meets Orion the Eagle

Orion is the first charismatic being who will baptize the baby lizard with a special name: Squeak. As the eagle puts it so elegantly, "Squeak is a very charming, exquisite name; it is extremely attractive and particularly jazzy! It is wholly delicious, immaculate, sustainable, and absolutely nourishing! It is perfectly satiating and definitely flawless!"

The True Story of the Komodo Dragon by Sébastien Bourbeau

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Meet Asian

the impressive lion

This creature will be Squeak's very first friend . . . or foe. He might be a surrogate parent, a teacher or an important mentor. But . . .

What if you were wrong?

What if this lion was simply hungry and ate Squeak? This would make for a very short story, wouldn't it? A very thin book!

Unless . . .

Meet Vivaldi - The Wet Fish

Vivaldi is a famous name. Did you know that? He was a celebrated Italian composer. Sébastien, your author, did not know that when he chose a name for this wet character. The name is perfect for a fish, when you think about it. Imagine a composer conducting his orchestra; he holds a baton in one hand, and follows the rhythm with the other. He looks like he is dancing or weaving. That's exactly what fish look like when they swim in shallow waters.

A Perfect Name for this character!

The True Story of the Komodo Dragon by Sébastien Bourbeau

Chapter 3

The True Story of the Komodo Dragon Sébastien Bourbeau Novel

Meet Romulus - The Moose-Tree

This is a funny individual who is either afraid of a baby called Squeak, or  is only acting silly. Think about it! Why would anyone be afraid of something or someone called SQUEAK? Really?

He hides behind trees hoping the little beast won't see him. He even tries to climb a tree, if you can imagine. Wouldn't you love to see a moose climb a tree? Take a picture if you do and send it to the author. That would be hilarious!

Chapter 4

Meet Ziva The She Wolf

Although Ziva has a sense of humour, she is, for the most part, a very wise member of the cast. She may not be as wise as Raven, but nevertheless, she is wise enough. She is, without a doubt, a sensitive, intelligent, loyal, devoted and considerate being. These are beautiful qualities for which we should all strive. However, this faithful friend might need your help. There is a mystery going on in her life, some kind of emergency back home, and she must leave Squeak suddenly.

The True Story of the Komodo Dragon

Chapter 5

Raven the Almighty by Sébastien Bourbeau author

Chapter 6

Meet Raven The Almighty

Raven is it! She is the Creator of all things! She has Magical Powers! She owns a time machine! She travels back and forth in time with Her friends! 


Chapter 7

Meet Max the Human Boy


There is only one way to find out if Squeak and Max will be faithful friends forever. You guest it . . .

I mean  « guessed » it!

You have to read the book

all the way to the very end.

Max the Human Boy

I will be Squeak's faithful companion and together, we will discover the meaning of life.


Ignis the Dragon

Chapter 8

Meet Ignis | A Real Fire-Spitting Dragon

Ignis is a mysterious, powerful and magical entity. He and Raven are best friends and have been for eons. You cannot find closest friends than these two and like all friends, they don't always agree. Take teaching, for instance. Raven is a wise teacher, full of common sense and patience. Ignis however, is impatient and does things his own way,  which you might not appreciate. There is something else going on with him . . . something bizarre, uncanny, strange, wacky, curious, unusual, peculiar, weird and  just, inexplicable!




special thanks to the artist who created the characters and the images inside the book

Komodo Dragon | Fact & Fiction | Language Art grades 4-6 | The Players | Komodo

Experimental Fiction Novel by Young Author Sebastian Bourbeau


The True Story of the Komodo Dragon | Sébastien Bourbeau | Experimental Fiction

Fiction Novel for School Kids Grades 4-6

Lethbridge Alberta Canada

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