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The Fighting of Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis) for domination. It is the biggest liv
S. Bourbeau Author Komodo Dragon Lethbridge Alberta Canada

I started to write this manuscript when I was 13 years old. I am 17 now. Although the book is finished, it is still waiting to be published.

I've always enjoyed stories and movies about dragons and that made me curious about the Komodo dragon, although it's not a dragon. I also enjoyed the movie How to Train Your Dragon (when I was much younger), because it was very funny and it inspired me.

I live in Canada, in the province of Alberta. I have two brothers and one sister; I am also the uncle of three little boys. — I love ice cream, noodles, movies, animals (including dragons), and I love to read. However, I DO NOT like to write so, bear with me as this project is my first attempt at writing something.

Sébastien was truly inspired. None of us knew that  his writing style was part of a growing niche called: Experimental Fiction.

I have enjoyed working with him not only because he is my grandson, but because he has shown me his hidden colors. He freed his imagination and allowed it to go wild. He did it with humour, wit, spontaneity, and flair. Moreover, he did it with enthusiasm, perseverance, dedication, commitment, and joy.

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komodo dragon | fact & fiction by young author Sébastien Bourbeau | Lethbridge | Alberta | Canada

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