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merry charm maintaining
its hold to the finish!

New-Innovative Language Approach

Complementary Resource
English Language Art — Novel Study
Reading/Writing Skills — Grades 4-6

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Teachers' Classroom Resource

download teachers PDF file the classroom resource


download teachers PDF file



this story is a hybrid between
a novel and a textbook


invite the author to your classroom and get a chance to win 2 T-Shirts and and 2 Posters

Win a T-Shirt or a Poster from Squeak the Komodo Dragon
teachers posters t-shirts author visits classrooms Sébastien Bourbeau Novel Komodo Dragon Lethbridge Alberta

Explore the world of
Experimental Fiction
with a very unusual Komodo Dragon

Let your students unlock their creativity and sharpen their language skills with the new novel,

The True Story of the Komodo Dragon,

by young novelist Sébastien Bourbeau.

The complimentary teacher's resource was designed for children in grades 4 to 6; however, some middle school students have also enjoyed the fiction novel, and their teachers and parents have stated that:

"the book has definitely exposed a world of possibilities in many homes and classrooms everywhere."

Teachers, parents and children have participated in a pilot program (a rough draft), and have experienced the young Komodo's story. They have shared their thoughts and emotions with us; you can read their comments here.

Discover the wild imagination of young author Sébastien Bourbeau, and dive into the world of a very special  Komodo dragon named Squeak.

Explore the unique universe of Experimental Fiction and watch your students unraveling right before your eyes. Hear the excitement about their new acquired language skills and feel their joy of sharing these new skills with the world. There’s nothing like it!

Follow the links below and you will have as much fun as your students

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Expect Rule-Breaking

in all subjects including storytelling, imaging, design,

page layout, traditions, conventions, grammar

and syntax, although spelling should be correk.

I mean correct!

In  short, expect the opposite of what you teach;

this might be both interesting and challenging.

. . . and one more thing,

expect some odd, peculiar, weird, uncanny, abnormal and curious relationships, along with strangely bizarre interactions between author, readers, and characters.

breaking the fourth wall



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