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The teacher's complimentary resource will be available for download on this page as soon as the book will be published


this story is a hybrid between a novel and a textbook

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here are posters

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Komodo Dragon Posters Sébastien Bourbeau with Ana Chabrand Design House
free gifts for elementary classrooms book talks from author Sebastien Bourbeau

posters and t-shirts for students when you invite the author to your classroom

Komodo Dragon Posters Sébastien Bourbeau with Ana Chabrand Design House
Komodo Dragon T-Shirts.jpg
Komodo Dragon T-Shirts.jpg
Komodo Dragon T-Shirts for students Sebastien Bourbeau Author

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New-Innovative Language Approach

Complementary Resource
English Language Art — Novel Study
Reading/Writing Skills — Grades 4-6

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merry charm maintaining
its hold to the finish!

What is Experimental Literature?

Expect Rule-Breaking

in all subjects including storytelling, imaging, design, page layout, traditions, conventions, grammar and syntax, although spelling should be correk — I mean correct! In  short,  expect the opposite of what you teach; this might be both interesting and challenging.

. . . and one more thing,

expect some odd, peculiar, weird, uncanny, abnormal and curious relationships, along with strangely bizarre interactions between author, readers, and characters.