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This book is about a lizard

(called Squeak)

the Komodo Dragon of planet Earth

This little fellow steps out of his egg, on a mountain top, in the heart of a majestic forest. He does not know what he is; in fact, he does not know anything at all and therefore, feels afraid and confused.​

Raven! Wait for me!

I was born in this forest!

I need your help

to get out!


I'm too

busy at the moment

In order to discover his identity, Squeak will embark on a remarkable journey where he will meet extraordinary characters who will teach him everything he needs to know about himself and his world. He will also learn a great deal about his ancestry.

Along the way, the little dragon-lizard will meet a kindred spirit of astonishing powers. Together, they will encounter some bewildering creatures, survive inconceivable adventures, and undergo impressive transformations.

Author Sébastien Bourbeau (Sebastian) School Kids Teachers Classroom Komodo Dragon Novel

And who knows?

There might even be some shape-shifting AND

time-traveling involved

meet the talented artists who made this project possible

Komodo dragon will be involved in shapeshifting/timetravelling in school assignments |

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